Treatment Focus

A cornerstone of maintaining optimal health, what you eat is of critical importance. Dr. Moreira can discuss principles of optimal nutrition and prescribe a diet tailored to fit your unique situation.

We all know we need exercise but we don't always get enough or get the right kind. Dr. Moreira can prescribe an exercise plan and assist you in devising strategies to find time in your busy schedule to do it.

Environmental Changes
Dr. Moreira can help you take steps to limit unnecessary exposure to many environmental toxins. Learning to live greener and more sustainably helps the earth as well. Remember, it's simply not possible to achieve optimal health in a toxic environment.

While not necessary for all, Dr. Moreira has access to the latest state-of-the-art supplements on the market. Dr. Moreira makes it a point to have a conversation with the CEO and/or research scientist of any company whose products she recommends to determine sourcing, production methods, and correct usage of the product in order to assure product effectiveness and your safety.

Complementary Modalities
Dr. Moreira always considers the use of complementary modalties in designing your treatment plan. Using her knowledge of the latest scientific studies, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, accupuncture, massage and other treatments may be suggested to maintain or improve your health.

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