When scheduling an appointment you may request:

     - An initial patient appointment. This is for history taking, examination, testing and development of a treatment plan.

     - A follow-up patient appointment. This is for existing patients to evaluate progress and success of their treatment plan and revision of plan as needed, This type of visit is of shorter duration than the initial visit.

     - A consultation designed around topics of your choosing with regard to improving your health and preventing chronic disease. This is for patients who would like further information but who are not necessarily looking to commit to a treatment plan at this time.

     - A consultation for your high school senior. If you have a child going to college or living away from home for the first time you can request a consultation for him or her to discuss issues involving responsibility for one's health while on his or her own. The session may include discussion about such things as diet, exercise, sleep habits, stress management, drug and alcohol use, importance of taking prescribed medications, finding a physician and other topics individualized for your child.

Routine office hours are from 10am - 6pm Monday - Friday.
Some evening or weekend hours may be available.

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