Welcome to the website of  Doreen Moreira, M.D. Here you can learn about chronic disease and what can be done to prevent, delay the progression of, or treat it. Whether you are currently healthy or have been diagnosed with a chronic disease, Dr. Moreira can partner with you to optimize your health status.

Maybe you want to learn healthier eating habits or figure out what type of exercise is best for you. Perhaps stress at work needs to be addressed or you would like to find a way to lower doses of current medications that have unpleasant side effects. Whatever your health concerns, Dr. Moreira looks forward to developing a solution with you that will meet your unique needs.

Already have a doctor? That's no problem - in fact it's a good thing. Most physicians are experts in traditional medical model of treating existing disease. Doctor Moreira subscribes to a healthcare model based on optimizing your health to prevent or lessen the impact of disease. As such, she is able to work in conjunction with your doctor to complement his or her treatment plan and avoid duplication of efforts and potential treatment contraindications. Let her know who your physician is and she will be happy to contact him or her.

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