Dr. Moreira generally sees five types of patients:

     - Healthy patients looking to stay healthy and prevent or delay the onset of chronic diseases as they age.

     - Healthy patients who are at high risk for developing specific chronic diseases and would like to prevent or delay their onset.

      - Patients who have been advised to make non-specific lifestyle changes such as "lose weight", "get more exercise", and "quit smoking" but who need some guidance to be successful.

     - Candidates for gastric bypass procedures who need to follow a weight loss program prior to insurance approval for surgery.

      - Patients who have been diagnosed with, or received medical treatment for, a chronic disease. These are patients who are looking for highly individualized lifestyle strategies combined with complementary treatments to delay the progression or mitigate the disabling effects of their disease. These patients often have an interest in decreasing their currently prescribed medications due to side effects or have had limited success with their current treatment plan.


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